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…was once the family site and home of M.V. Krishnappa, one of Karnataka’s renowned freedom fighters. Owned and operated by his family and descendants, the Purple Lotus continues to carry forward Krishnappa’s principles and spirit of kindness, acceptance and consideration.

As a young man, Krishnappa was a student activist dedicated to the Quit India Movement. Krishnappa’s determination to free the nation along with his immersion in the Indian independence movement headed by Mahatma Gandhi earned him the reputation as a hero and role model to generations of young Indians.

Krishnappa was extremely charismatic, a great storyteller, and had a gift for touching the hearts of everyone he met. As the son of farmers, and formerly a hard-working farmer himself, Krishnappa had experienced the profound struggles endured by working folks and could easily relate to their concerns and pressing needs. He was capable of connecting with people of all backgrounds.

Krishnappa had the opportunity to apply this insight and skill, along with the hard-earned lessons of his time in agriculture, when Jawaharlal Nehru invited him to become Minister of Food and Agriculture in the nation’s first post-independence cabinet. Through this post, and along with his deep concern and understanding of people’s most important needs, Krishnappa worked tirelessly to forge a path of progress and build a bridge between India’s multifaceted past and its bright, modern future.

Mothakapalli Venkataraman Krishnappa’s family home, where the Purple Lotus now stands, was one whose doors were always open, welcoming people of all backgrounds. His family honors this legacy, as do all visitors and guests of Purple Lotus. When you stay at Purple Lotus, you become a part of this meaningful heritage as well as India’s rich historical fabric.

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